Dora Maar’s Photographs of Picasso’s Guernica

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Picasso Ceramics

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Picasso Pottery Vallauris.





Picasso’s Linocuts

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These images are all from the book “PICASSO – Linoleum Cuts – The Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kramer Collection”. All of them apart from the one above are posters made specifically for events in the small French town of Vallauris, where Picasso also made most of his ceramics. The photo of at the bottom is from a visit to Vallauris, where Picasso also painted a War & Peace Mural – which to be honest is not nearly as interesting as the ceramics or the printmaking. There is a nice wee museum where his ceramics studio used to be, and you can still buy some of the ceramics there. Apparently, Picasso was highly regarded for making prints of many colours using the same sheet of lino, reducing it after each colour, but I thought thats what everyone did.

Picasso & Bridget Bardot in his Vallauris ceramics studio

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