Book Review – “Being Ecological” Timothy Morton (2018)

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Hmm… I was looking forward to this, but it was infuriating. The last chapter is ok, but the whole book, which is not very thick anyway, could have been reduced to an essay. The writing is so frustrating, repetitive, in need of serious editing… I know it’s philosophy but some of the sentences made zero sense. He also has a habit of inventing terms, that are basically just a word said twice – ‘stranger strange’, ‘truthy truth’, ‘expanded care, care with a care/less halo’. There is a serious lack of notes, the analogies often don’t work… Basically we are not separate from our world, we are part of it, don’t be scared by that, embrace it. I think. Thinky think.

Book Review – “Social Class in the 21st Century” Mike Savage (2015)

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social class

Yes, I think. Its a bit dry and survey-ey, and some of it is obvious  (those in advantageous positions are better placed to take advantage of their advantages), but I guess its good to have these things spelt out in facts and figures (and graphs and tables…). Picks up a bit with the section on the precariat. It’s my least enjoyed of all the new pelicans. EMERGING SERVICE WORKERS OF THE WORLD – UNITE!

Book Review Bonanza

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20702125  20702155

“Economics: The User’s Guide” – Ha-Joon Chang (2014) – Yes, sometimes confusing, but not enough to deter from learning more.

“Revolutionary Russia 1891-1991” – Orlando Figes (2014) – Yes.

20702162  20702289

“The Domesticated Brain” – Bruce Hood (2014) – Yes

“Greek and Roman Political Ideas” – Melissa Lane (2014) – Yes – Ostraki should make a comeback.


“Human Evolution” – Robin Dunbar (2014) – Yes.

“The Craftsman” – Richard Sennett (2008) – Yes, the importance of tactile work and the rise of the ‘artist’.

And_the_Land_Lay_Still_cover  professor-of-truth-cover-im

“And the Land Lay Still” – James Robertson (2010) – Yes, satisfying narrative winding through Scottish history and joining dots.

“The Professor of Truth” – James Robertson (2013) – Yes, not quite about Lockerbie, but kind of.

solution9_pyramid_cover_364   solution_scotlands_cover_364

“Solution 9 – The Great Pyramid” – Ingo Niermann & Jens Thiel (2008) – Yes, an interesting and very German proposal to tidy up death. Book your place now.

“Solution 11-167: The Book of Scotlands” – Momus (2009) – Yes, great alternative Scotlands, some of which should be taken up immediately (eg “The Scotland in which four hundred years of profound influence from Calvin is replaced by four hundred years of profound influence from Calvino”)

The_World_Without_Us_(US_cover) one-day-in-the-life-of-ivan-denisovich

“The World Without Us” – Alan Weisman (2007) – Absolutely yes, great idea, scary consequences. All those wee bits of plastic, all that nuclear waste.

“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1962) – Yes, short.

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