Fayum Mummy Portraits (100 BC – 300 AD)

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Max Ernst – Forest/Sun/Moon

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Rudolf Swoboda – Portraits from India (1886-1888)

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These are all around 8 inches tall – click on the images to zoom in

Ala Yar

Atur Singh

Babu Shivanand Puri

Bahar Shah

Barikh Khan

Georgina Manan


Golchan Khan

Hassan Khan

Khazan Singh


Radha Bullabh


Samdu Radschba


Sarup Singh

Shanker Girr

Sher Muhammad

Surdenad Manerdin


Dora Maar’s Photographs of Picasso’s Guernica

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Dura Europos Synagogue

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Dura Europos – a town in modern day Syria, abandoned in the 3rd century, covered in sand and rediscovered in 1885. A synagogue was found there, covered in wall paintings, which is pretty rare in the world of synagogues. ISIS is in control of the area at the moment, and they apparently destroyed and looted a vast amount of the town. I doubt the synagogue would have remained untouched – however, it appears it may have in a way, as most of it was removed and taken to the National Museum of Damascus decades ago.



“The Dream of the Malinche” – Antonio Ruiz (1939)

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Lady Impey’s Bird Paintings – 1777-1782

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These paintings come from the Ashmolean collection of Lady Impey‘s own collection of over 200 bird paintings. She didn’t paint them, Shaikh Zain ud-Din, Bhawani Das and Ram Das did.

Chu Ko (1931 – 2011)

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John Donne – Unknown Artist

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Ken Price (Hauser & Wirth London)

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