Randan Discotheque – “The Duke & His Orderly” new video

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I have the pleasure of sharing with you our new video for “The Duke & His Orderly“, directed and acted by Hugo de Verteuil, and I must say I am dumbfounded by its brilliance. Hugo told me he was making a video, but I asked not to see any of it until it was finished, and here it is……spectacular

RANDAN DISCOTHEQUE – “The Duke & His Orderly” – Directed by Hugo de Verteuil

Randan Radio Mix 5 – “The Cave of Gold”

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The fifth instalment of Randan Radio….

1. “Girl From Germany” – Sparks

2. “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere” – The Byrds

3. “The Drowned Lovers” – Nic Jones

4. “Rednecks” – Randy Newman

5. “Lies” – J.J.Cale

6. “Things That Dreams Are Made Of” – League Unlimited Orchestra

7. “CMYK” – James Blake

8. “Shake That Thing” – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

9. “I Will Not Follow” – The Waterboys

10. “Good Morning Story” – Holger Czukay

11. “Dizzy Dizzy” – Can

12. “It’s A Bit of A Pain” – Faust

13. “Instrumental 1” – Arthur Russell

The Cave Of Gold by Randan Discotheque Radio on Mixcloud

Randan Radio Mix 4 – “Mine Would Be an Allis Chalmers D19”

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This week’s mix is by Mrs Ridgewell, nee Coulthard.

1. The Cure – All Cats Are Grey
2. Saint Etienne – Language Lab
3. Cocteau Twins – Fifty-fifty Clown
4. Pharcyde – Drop
5. Bear in Heaven – Lovesick Teenager
6. Bjork – Triumph of a Heart
7. Yeasayer – Ambling Amp
8. Orbital – Lush 3-1
9. Dubstar – Disgraceful
10. Dangermouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul
11. Busta Rhymes – Woo Haa! Got You All in Check
12. 808 State – Pacific State
13. Supergrass – We’re Not Supposed To
14. David Bowie – Jump They Say
15. Boards of Canada – Kid For Today
16. The Slits – Heard it Through the Grapevine
17. a-ha – Cry Wolf
18. Fleetwood Mac – That’s All For Everyone

Mine Would Be An Allis Chalmers D19 by Randan Discotheque Radio on Mixcloud

Randan Discotheque – Heather the Weather video by Rachel Maclean

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I’m pleased to put up our new video for “Heather the Weather” – filmed and created by Rachel Maclean. I’m very happy with it, particularly with the beheading of the Loch Ness Monster……

Randan Discotheque – Heather the Weather from Craig Coulthard on Vimeo.

Randan Discotheque “Heather the Weather/The Duke & His Orderly” Single Launch

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We have a new single coming out, “Heather the Weather/The Duke & His Orderly” released on 06/12/10 on 7″ vinyl and digital download (from The Bonjour Branch) We are having a launch night on Saturday 4th December at The Wee Red Bar from 7pm. Its £2 in, and the first 50 people there get a free copy of the single.

You can listen to the 2 tracks and pre-order the vinyl from our bandcamp site…..there is also a video for “Heather the Weather” by Rachel Maclean coming soon…..hope you can make it to the launch

Randan Radio Mix 2

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Owen, Randan’s drummer, has put together a new mix for your listening pleasure. Titled “Eyelashes On Lips, Ball With Eye On It In Mouth”, you can listen to it below

Eyelashes On Lips, Ball With Eye On It In Mouth by Randan Discotheque Radio on Mixcloud

The Divided Meadows of Aphrodite – A Compilation

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I have made a compilation on mixcloud – I have missed the old days at school when friends and I used to make mixtapes pretty much every week. Mixcloud is pretty good, and nicely compatible with things. Have a wee listen, the music is mostly what I have been listening to lately, plus some songs I have had my attention turned to by the rest of Randan Discotheque, Olly, Owen and Hugo.

The Divided Meadows Of Aphrodite by Randan Discotheque Radio on Mixcloud

Randan Discotheque T-shirts

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Well, would you look at that. Randan Discotheque have t-shirts, two kinds, and they’re only £7 inc p&p. Thats a bargain if you ask me. Theres 3 sizes, small (36-38) medium (38-40) and large (40-42). I even did a song to go with them…… buy your t-shirt here with paypal or credit cards : Randan Discotheque

Randan Discotheque – Tshirt Song


& Black

Recording New Songs

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Last night Randan Discotheque spent a couple of hours recording new material in the Wee Red with Alex Fenton of Fentek Audio. The definitive version of “My Dad’s Going to Afghanistan”, “Where Did You Come From”, “Lets Call it Dirt” and an as yet unnamed song, lets call it “Runrig Discotheque”. We’ve also got the masters back from Alex for “Heather the Weather” and “The Duke & His Orderly” – so a lot of fun things on the horizon – hopefully Hugo Phillipe Laurent de Verteuil will be back soon and he can add his wizard/urchin touch to the tracks.


Owen Liberty Williams

Heather the Weather video shoot

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Today and yesterday we did some filming in the infamous wee red bar for a new video for “Heather the Weather” which we’re going to release as a single sometime after October. The immensely talented Rachel Maclean is making the video for us, and I don’t want to say much more about it yet, but here are some images anyway….

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