“The Russian Ending” – Tacita Dean (2001)

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Photo-etchings on paper, this edition from the Tate collection. Currently exhibited at the Fruitmarket, Edinburgh

Ship of Death

The Crimea


The Wrecking of the Ngahere

Erinnerung aus dem Weltkrieg

Ballon des Aérostiers de Campagne

The Sinking of the SS Plympton

Death of a Priest

La Bataille d’Arras


Der Rückzug nach Verdun

Zur Letzten Ruhe

The Wreck of Worthing Pier

The Story of Minke the Whale

So They Sank Her!

The Life and Death of St Bruno


The Tragedy of Hughesovka Bridge

Die Explosion in dem Kanal

Beautiful Sheffield

Ein Sklave des Kapitals

Archaeological Sites Revealed by the Summer Heat

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Photos by Historic England

World Cup Twins

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Official World Cup Portraits

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When I first saw most of these, I thought ‘wow, they’re shit’. With poor lighting, awkward poses, embarrassing faux enthusiasm, or faux seriousness. But as I look a bit more, I quite like the informal aesthetic – they lool like young men caught outside a club to have their photo taken for the nightclub website. The flash is intrusive, their skin is blemished, their poses are the result of doing what they think they should. The bold background colours work well, allowing the strips to standout without distraction. The others without the bold colour, and the black and white ones particularly, don’t work as well. I guess the shoot was done pretty quickly, and therefore they are quite unguarded, and look like non-models, natural, goofy, uncomfortable – which makes a change from advertising photos, and footballers own informal instagram images. They are taken by a number of different photographers for Getty Images. Anyway, they still all tend to end up in one of a few categories, which I am defining as:







There are others (Finger Point, Badge grab/kiss, distant look, tattoo point etc) and obviously some overlap between categories, but you can have a look yourself – https://www.fifa.com/photos/galleries/index.html.







NASA Images of Earth (and more) 11

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NASA Images of Earth 10

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NASA Images of Earth 9

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NASA Images of Earth 8

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Rock Art

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Coincidental snow formation on a mountain & coincidental bullet-holes on rock art (USA)


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