Andalusia Part 2

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Centrale Montemartini – Rome

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Macurdie’s Barn of Laughs Exhibition – Isle of Skye

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I was in Skye this weekend to give a talk about Forest Pitch for Atlas Arts in Portree. It was a lovely weekend. I took the time to visit “Macurdie’s Barn of Laughs Exhibition”. The last time I was in Skye, we drove past this sign, and I wanted to go visit – but we were on our way elsewhere so we didn’t. However, I certainly am glad I made it back this time….

Assyrian Lion Hunt & More at the British Museum

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Italy – Diana Photos

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Siena Biccherna

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Biccherna from Siena and its Archivo di Statomore here

Italy – Part 4

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Spoleto | Siena

Italy – Part 3

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Museum of Roman Civilisation | Mussolini | Article on M.R.C.| Maxxi | Zaha Hadid | Spiderman

Untitled New Work 2011

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Here is a new work I have done, sort of for the Solar Pavilion as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2011. Please click here and turn on your audio to hear the soundtrack…..


Alain Resnais & Chris Marker “Les Statues meurent aussi” (Statues also die) 1953

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This is brilliant for a number of reasons, not least the music. If you want subtitles, you can get them by clicking “cc” on the bottom of each player.

ALAIN RESNAIS & CHRIS MARKER “Les Statues meurent aussi” (1953)

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