Mosaic Music 2 (March 2011) – Results

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Well, I feared the initial enthusiasm might waver – only two entries this month (I didn’t get round to doing it myself, maybe this weekend) – anyway, 2 excellent entries, firstly from Rob St John, and secondly, the ever-prolific, Son of Portslade. Thankyou gentlemen – April’s video and instructions to come soon…. Rob St John – Creators & Imitators by Mosaic Music
Son of Portslade – Iron Eagle ii by Mosaic Music
and here’s a wee bonus of Iron Eagle 2…

Mosaic Music 2 – March 2011 – The Draw

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Here is the draw for March’s Mosaic Music…

1. Between 3 & 4 minutes long
2. between 90 & 100 BPM
3. Genre Influences: MAMBO & LATIN JAZZ
4. 4 x instruments – Piano/Keyboards, woodwind, strings, synthesiser
5. Key of C Major
6. 2 Vocals (if desired)
7. Lyrics from a Film
8. Other instructions: “Use unqualified people”, “Accept advice” & “Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them”

Good luck!

Mosaic Music 1 (Feb 2011) – Results

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Well here are the results of the inaugural Mosaic Music. 5 entries is 4 more than I was expecting, so its a good start in terms of numbers, and a few folk have said they will try to do it in March. Anyway, below is the soundcloud player thing that I’ve put together. Thanks to Pablo, Michael, Olly, Casey and Hugo. DJ Full Moon – Lacan by Mosaic Music
Son of Portslade – Mosaic 1 (Tabacco) by Mosaic Music
Craig Coulthard – A Generous Joy by Mosaic Music
Honeyfuzz – The Couriers by Mosaic Music
Hugo de Verteuil – Moderato Cantabile by Mosaic Music
1. Under 1 minute
2. Between 150 & 160 bpm
3. Inspiring genres – Therapy, Krautrock, Big Beat
4. Instruments – 3 x Brass, 1 x Synth, 1 x Other (plus percussion etc)
5. The key of ‘C’
6. 4 x vocals (if you want)
7. Lyrics from a book
8. Other instructions – “Emphasise the flaws” & “Accretion”

1. DJ Full Moon “Lacan” – So, this is from DJ Full Moon (aka Pablo and Michael) and is named after the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and although the lyrics are not directly from any of his writings “baby won’t you lay down on the chaise longue” are words I hope Lacan would have said more than once.

2. Son of Portslade “Mosaic 1 (Tabacco)” – Olly’s lyrics here come from Jeremy Narby’s book “The Cosmic Serpents”

3. Craig Coulthard “A Generous Joy” – I apologise, mine’s is over 1 minute long, but they are only guidelines after all…the lyrics to this come from 2 seperate poems (in the same book) by Sorley Maclean.

4. Honeyfuzz “The Couriers” – This comes from Casey, just before midnight on the last day of February. The lyrics come from a book of poems called “Ariel” by Sylvia Plath.

5. Hugo de Verteuil “Moderato Cantabile” – Hugo has gone all analog and recorded his originally on 4 track. The lyrics (moderato cantabile) are the title of a novel by Marguerite Duras. It was also made into a film (see below).

I hope you enjoy these tracks, and please do send something in next time – I’ll be putting up a video of the March draw soon. Just for your own interest, here’s a couple of video’s related to some of the lyrical content for the above tracks. Cheers!





“MODERATO CANTABILE” – directed by Peter Brook (this version is French with Russian dubbing….)

Mosaic Music 1 – Feb 2011 update

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Hello all,
just a reminder for you to send me your tracks by the end of February. I have received one finished track already and it is worryingly good….
I am also looking for suggestions for March’s parameters – ie this month we had:
1. Track Length
2. Track Speed
3. Genres
4. Instruments
5. Key of track
6. Number of vocals
7. Lyrics source
8. Other instructions (Oblique Strategies)

So any other suggestions would be welcomed…..
I look forward to hearing more efforts (and writing one my self…)

Mosaic Music 1 – February 2011 – The Draw

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Here is the draw for Mosaic Music 1. Please ask me if you have any questions….

So, just to recap, your song/track should be:
Under 1 minute in length
Between 150 & 160 bpm
Should be partly inspired by 3 genres of music: Therapy, Krautrock and Big Beat
You should use (primarily) 5 instruments; 3 x Brass, 1 x Synth and 1 x Other (I also think that drums/beats can be included, as well as vocals if you choose)
The key of the track is “C”
If you choose to have vocals, there should be 4 of them
If you choose to have lyrics, they should be inspired by/come from “a book”
And your other instructions are:
“Emphasise the Flaws” and
Please forward me your tracks by the end of February. Good luck….

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