Isle of Skye/Glenelg

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Here’s some photo’s from Skye, and a visit to Glenelg to see the Broch‘s.

Macurdie’s Barn of Laughs Exhibition – 360 Panorama

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Here is a 360 (not mine) of the Barn of Laughs…

Macurdies Exhibition, Isle of Skye in Scotland

Macurdie’s Barn of Laughs Exhibition – Isle of Skye

May 6th, 2012 § 10 comments § permalink

I was in Skye this weekend to give a talk about Forest Pitch for Atlas Arts in Portree. It was a lovely weekend. I took the time to visit “Macurdie’s Barn of Laughs Exhibition”. The last time I was in Skye, we drove past this sign, and I wanted to go visit – but we were on our way elsewhere so we didn’t. However, I certainly am glad I made it back this time….

Skye Photo’s

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More old photos, this time from Skye and taken on the cheapy Diana camera.

Diana Photos

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Recently I got a 2nd hand Diana camera from a friend for 50p – i thought it would be shite, but actually its turned out ok – as long as there’s enough light, it seems to do pretty well, particularly with landscapes. Unfortunately, during this trip to Skye, I wasn’t allowed to visit McCafferty’s Laughter Barn. If anyone has ever been there, please, tell me what goes on in the Laughter Barn….

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