Erik Nitsche – “The New Illustrated Library of Science & Invention”

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I first came across Erik Nitsche when my mum brought me back a book from a 2nd hand shop in Inverness called “A History of Communication” which is part of of “The New Illustrated Library of Science and Invention”. This library was made of 12 titles, including a history of rockets and space, flight, weaponary, astronomy etc. I’ve now managed to get my hands on 4 of the 12. They are beautifully designed and laid out, there is a quiet confidence, a sense of “rightness” about the composition of the books. I started to look into Mr. Nitsche, who designed the series. There isn’t that much out there, a couple of flickr accounts etc, a small essay by Steven Heller. He was born in 1908 in Switzerland and moved to the states when he was 26. He was best known for a massive body of corporate work for General Dynamics. Not much else. But, who cares really, as his work speaks for itself. To start with, here are some book cover images from the “New Illustrated Library” series.

A History of Ships & Seafaring


A History of Chemistry


A History of Flight


A History of Rockets & Space


A History of Weaponry


A History of Physics & A History of Astronomy


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