Der Ornamentenschatz – Heinrich Dolmetsch (1887)

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New Work – “This is How I Copy Muafangejo, How Do You Copy Muafangejo?” (2017)

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This is How I Copy Muafangejo, How Do You Copy Muafangejo? from Craig Coulthard on Vimeo.

“Dialogo dell’imprese Miltari et Amorose” (1555) Paolo Giovio

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Read/look at the whole book here –



Simplicissimus – Hitler

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“The Hitler Process (or) How Kahr Saved the Fatherland” – Protector, immediately arrest the arsonist up there! (17th March 1924)

“The 1st of April” – Hitlers entry to Berlin (1st April 1924 APRIL FOOLS DAY)

“The National Group” – The bloody battle-ax, like the savage, He swung before Mathilden, Which is attached to him as a wife, (As long as she is not the man!) In the fair union of blonder souls, The Hitler girl can not be missing: Heil Adolf, start your genius! The Jew’s head brought to him for his breakfast! (1928)

“Adolf, a disabled dictator” – I would be just as good as Mussolini – but the authorities will not allow it! (22nd April 1929)

“From the National Socialist picture Bible” – I am the Adolf, your only Hitler, you shall have no (Gregor) Strasser next to me (28th July 1930)

“The Hunt for Happiness” (22nd September 1930)

“Hitler, the Nationalmarxist” – Adolf, Adolf! Give the Sozi’s my theory again” (10th November 1930)

“Tausend – Hitler – Weissenberg” – When a people is abandoned by all the good gods, there must be new gods! (23rd February 1931)

“Party Discipline” – And even if half of the party went to the devil – as long as my half of the horse remains, nothing will happen to me! (21st April 1931)

“The ideal solution: A collective president” – To represent the Wilhelm Hugenberg replacement, presenting the steel Duesterberg, and to play the mechanical loudspeaker and drums, Hitler (13th March 1932)

“The Prussian eagle at the fitting” – ‘ For the spring only the brown shirt, the last scream!’ ‘A very impossible piece of clothing! How should I stir my wings?’ (24th April 1932)

“Hail Prussians!” – In my state, everyone can be saved, only after my fashion (façon)! (15th May 1932)

“Adolf Barbarossa” – And since the evil ravens, still flying forever, so he has to drum, and conjour up many years (21st August 1932)

“Dangerous Condition” – Everyone wants to stick to the constitution – as long as they get it! (25th September 1932)

“Unanimity” – “Why do we actually have 27 parties? The other 26 are superfluous!” (30th October 1932)

“Always his struggle – never for you work and bread” – Away with Hermann! Adolf belongs in the Teutoburg Forest! He succeeded in beating a sixty million people with only 6000 people from Lippe-Detmold! (5th February 1933).

This last one was published less than a week after the Nazi seizure of power, with Hitler appointed the Chancellorship by President von Hindenburg. The illustration refers to ‘Hermann’ in the Teutoburg forest, which is a monument to Arminius, a 1st century Germanic chieftan, who helped to win a famous victory over the Romans in 9AD. The monument was made in 1875, and served as a focal point for the Nazi’s. The artist has depicted Hitler in place of Arminius, who is seen to have achieved a greater feat, by winning a hugely symbolic, if not numerically impressive election victory in the area (Lippe Detmold) that the statue is situated. Goebbels wrote in his diary after a visit to the monument on 12th January “Here we will again win a battle and will then proceed to a new offensive and continue to win victory upon victory. We have overcome our stagnation. Final victory lies ahead.” After January 15th 1933, following the election victory, the Nazis were in a greater position to exert pressure on the cabinet and the President to appoint Hitler as Chancellor. Not long after this publication, apparently the offices of Simplicissimus were visited by stormtroopers, and there were no more critical cartoons of Hitler to appear in the magazine.

Marcello Dudovich

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Posters by Italian artist Marcello Dudovich. (Biographical PDF available here)


Navajo Blankets 1

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Alfred Mahlau

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Alfred Mahlau, Deutsche painter, illustrator etc…


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Milton Glaser Lecture

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Here is an interesting lecture by Milton Glaser (designer of the “I (heart) NYC” logo) put together by Creative Mornings. Also, above is a rather wonderful record sleeve design by Glaser for Barry Miles‘ record “Barry Miles” (1969)

Erik Nitsche – Classical Record Sleeves

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Here’s some more Nitsche images, this time from classical records (mostly for Decca Records). I can’t really find any of these anywhere, and I can’t remember where I found the images.

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