NASA Images of Earth (and more) 11

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NASA Images of Earth 10

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NASA Images of Earth 9

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NASA Images of Earth 8

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Alexandre Hogue (1898 – 1994)

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Mother Earth Laid Bare 1938

Drought Stricken Area 1934

The Crucified Land 1939

Eroded Lava Badlands, Alpine 1982

Book Review – “Being Ecological” Timothy Morton (2018)

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Hmm… I was looking forward to this, but it was infuriating. The last chapter is ok, but the whole book, which is not very thick anyway, could have been reduced to an essay. The writing is so frustrating, repetitive, in need of serious editing… I know it’s philosophy but some of the sentences made zero sense. He also has a habit of inventing terms, that are basically just a word said twice – ‘stranger strange’, ‘truthy truth’, ‘expanded care, care with a care/less halo’. There is a serious lack of notes, the analogies often don’t work… Basically we are not separate from our world, we are part of it, don’t be scared by that, embrace it. I think. Thinky think.

Strava Heat Maps

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North/South Korea border

Tentsmuir Forest/Kinshaldy Beach Fife


Back of Keppoch



FOB Sharana, Afghanistan

Guantanamo Bay

Kandahar Airport


Mosul Dam, Iraq

Somewhere on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border

Somewhere in Syria, near a ramshackle airstrip

Cement plant, Syria

Tasiast Goldmine, Mauritania

Dura Europos Synagogue

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Dura Europos – a town in modern day Syria, abandoned in the 3rd century, covered in sand and rediscovered in 1885. A synagogue was found there, covered in wall paintings, which is pretty rare in the world of synagogues. ISIS is in control of the area at the moment, and they apparently destroyed and looted a vast amount of the town. I doubt the synagogue would have remained untouched – however, it appears it may have in a way, as most of it was removed and taken to the National Museum of Damascus decades ago.



Potassium Chloride Evaporation Ponds

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Used to make fertiliser and as part of lethal injections.

‘Fallingwater’ – Frank Lloyd Wright 1939 (photos by Jack E.Boucher)

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