Book Review – “The Book of Dust” Philip Pullman (2017)

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Yes, very enjoyable. The boat is the best character.

Book Review – “The Story of the Jews – Finding the Words” Simon Schama (2013)

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Yes. He always writes better than he TV’s.

Dura Europos Synagogue

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Dura Europos – a town in modern day Syria, abandoned in the 3rd century, covered in sand and rediscovered in 1885. A synagogue was found there, covered in wall paintings, which is pretty rare in the world of synagogues. ISIS is in control of the area at the moment, and they apparently destroyed and looted a vast amount of the town. I doubt the synagogue would have remained untouched – however, it appears it may have in a way, as most of it was removed and taken to the National Museum of Damascus decades ago.



Michael Marra – Arrest This Moment (James Robertson)

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You can now buy this biography of Michael Marra, which launched last Friday. Written by James Robertson (Professor of Truth, And the Land Lay Still, Testament of Gideon Mack etc) its an unconventional biography, featuring reconstructed conversations with Michael Marra, along with plenty of images and examples of Michael’s own drawings and paintings. I wrote the preface (originally written for this blog) and the cover is an image by Calum Colvin. You should go and buy it – also, almost all of Michael’s recordings are now available digitally, including some ‘new’ releases.

Book Review – “Slaughterhouse 5” Kurt Vonnegut (1969)

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Yes – read it if you haven’t.

Book Review – “Lost Gods of England” (1957) Brian Branston

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It’s ok – lots of presumptions.

Book Review – “Overlay” Lucy Lippard (1983)

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Book Review – “Breakfast of Champions” Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1973)

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Yes, great fun – good drawings etc.

Book Review – “The Pike: Gabriele D’Annunzio” Lucy Hughes-Hallett (2013)

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Yes – a really well put together biography of a poet, novelist, playwright, aviator, rapist, politician, soldier, cruel, sex-obsessed monster of a man. Fascinating and bewildering. “A greyhound or a thorough-bred horse, Ida Rubenstein’s legs, the body of an Ardito fording the Piave, the form and structure of my highly polished cranium – these are the most beautiful phenomena in the world”

Hyacinthe Dalmaet, Edouard Corroyer, Louis-Emile Durandelle – Mont Saint-Michel

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