Book Review – “Event” Slavoj Zizek (2014)

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Pffff. Hard work. Some nice bits, a lot of repetition, but I lost my way a number of times and my brain hurts.

Book Review – “Travels in the Land of Kubilai Khan” – Marco Polo (13th Century/2005)

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Pretty good. Seems like Kubilai was pretty well organised. But Marco too often seems to be stressing how true everything is, his numbers seem a bit high, and it feels like the Khan might have been looking over his shoulder when he was writing. “Even lions bow down to the Khan!”

Book Review – “The Time Machine” – H.G. Wells (1895)

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time machine

Yeah, go on. Bit daft. The wee Eloi sound like moomins and I like the image of him mating a moomin. Doesn’t take long to read.

Book Review – “Down & Out in Paris and London” – George Orwell (1933)

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Yes, of course. George is pretty good. Some great descriptions of being a kitchen porter. Also (in my edition) a great bit about swear words and their loss of meaning, where all the words have been blanked out.

Book Review – “Herzog on Herzog” Werner Herzog & Paul Cronin (2002)

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Yes, oh god yes. This is brilliant, he is brilliant. And, there is a new version out, called “A Guide for the Perplexed” for some reason, which includes interviews about work since 2002, which I will read soon. It’s great.

Book Review – “Quiet” – Susan Cain (2012)

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Yes. It’s not often that I actually think a book genuinely makes me feel better. This one did. For years I have thought when I didn’t want to go to openings, meet people, sometimes turning around on the way to meeting people, not wanting to speak to many people at once, preferring to speak to an individual for a long time, etc etc – I have thought that this was because I was shy, or lacked confidence. Now I realise, I am an introvert! Excellent, problem solved. Read it if you are an introvert and want to feel better about it, read it if you want to understand introverts, read it if you think people are just making excuses for things. Don’t read it if you already don’t like introversion. Actually, no read it as well. But, it gets a bit boring towards the end.

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