Hopetoun Monument, Mount Hill, Cupar

October 7th, 2012 § 10 comments

Hopetoun Tower, was erected in 1826 by the people of Cupar in memory of John Hope, 4th Earl of Hopetoun. There is a statue of John Hope outside the Royal Bank of Scotland building on St Andrews Square.



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  • Birdo Barnes says:

    we used to play and camp up there when we were kids , there was a story that a woman threw her new born child from the tower then jumped herself , but i have never seen this in black and white ?

  • Dear sir /madam
    Excellent war memorial. I have.been trying to patch
    A family tree of methven witch means by war and shield
    I have gaps to find of and conclusions. Yet
    My surname might depict from lord lynedoch.thomas graham
    Or norman origin of disbaguation.or sporadic.
    Like the word of waterloo.if you know military.
    I keep on getting john methven of craiglownie. .1672
    And a baron alaister john methven..
    My.pal said there was a left hand brightsword.
    My middle name my arms are advertised.
    On facebook. If you also know.john russell
    Of cupar.let me know.i also cyphered.either
    Military lass norman lady mageret hardie.
    Liked your web site.etc and hopetoun

  • A beautiful warmemorial of cupar
    Thank you for looking at your
    Web site

  • roy shelley says:

    I live near to the monument but a little to far to walk, Iam 74 years old,where would a good place to park my car closer to the monument then walk up the mount to it.

    • craig says:

      Hi Roy, I’m afraid I don’t think there is much of a parking option – I had to park on a farm track at the bottom of the hill – there is a rough track which goes much of the way up the hill, but from what I remember, its 4 x 4 terrain (if even that)…

  • June says:

    I used to walk up there in the 1980s I was told that I man though his wife was a witch and was told to take her up the tower and throw her off.if she died she was not a witch if she lived she was .she landed on her feet and ran into the woods and was never found they used to say she cauld be seen at night running through the woods there was always to holes in the ground foot size at the Base of the tower that was ment to be where she landed I’m going up for a walk this week with my daughter to see if there still there

  • June says:

    My gran was born in 1899 and was in service at the mount farm house that’s how I got the story . I’m sure she had been to the top of the tower my gran new the family who built it and took the the name Hope for her middle daughter from them

  • Gillian says:

    Could someone please tell me how to find the track up to the monument please?

  • Steve says:

    Look on google maps

  • Steve says:

    Was up there yesterday flying my drone

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