Spanish Colonial Design in New Mexico

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“Unimaginable Wealth (Part 1)” – Hugo de Verteuil & Ian Rothwell (2012)

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This is the first episode in the first series Of The Creative Services of Hugo de Verteuil and Ian Rothwell’s ‘Unimaginable Wealth’

Unimaginable Wealth, in Hugo’s own words; “This project took the form of an epic feature length narrative film, and accompanying novella, available to purchase here – The narrative was based on a series of 411 email scams, the cinematography was created by ripping videos from YouTube, the voiceovers were compiled using free trial versions of text-to-speech software, and the soundtrack was created using basic MIDI components and free downloadable SFX. Using the emails and their detailed characters as raw information, we were able to compose an interweaving and epick narrative arc extant within the traditional stereotypes of Hollywood. We wanted to use the formal language of Web 2.0 — video-sharing, file-sharing, social-networking, fragmented online personalities – to create something that could be seen as an emblematic or iconic product of this culture, and a testing of the treatment of online services as private ‘new media’ galleries in their own right. The first public installation of this film was accompanied by a fully operational martini bar which opened between three and four o’clock for the duration of the exhibition period. We were awarded the Peacock Visual Arts Award For Contributions To The Moving Image by a panel of Scottish academicians for this work”.

New Work – “Watching a Building in the Liri Valley For the Length of Time it Took Norman McCaig to Write One Good Poem” 2012

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Watching a Building in the Liri Valley For the Length of Time it Took Norman McCaig to Write One Good Poem from Craig Coulthard on Vimeo.

Here is a short video work made last week while doing some research in Italy, around the Molise region and more specifically Filignano. This video was shot from the destroyed village of San Pietro Infine.

Marcello Dudovich

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Posters by Italian artist Marcello Dudovich. (Biographical PDF available here)


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