Oskar Kokoschka – “Die träumenden Knaben” (The Dreaming Boys)

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The second work I saw was this beautiful book illustrated by Oskar Kokoschka orginally in 1907/08 and not published until 1917 by the Weiner Werkstätte.


Max Beckmann – “Hell” (1919)

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When going to the Modern Art Gallery yesterday to see the Edvard Munch exhibition, I was taken by a couple of much more interesting works (to my mind) – firstly, Max Beckmann’s “Hell” series of lithographs.

New Work – “Know Yr Grammar” – a Billboard for Edinburgh

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Last Thursday, billboard posters posted a billboard on the side of the Ingelby Gallery. The gallery have been asking artists to design a ‘Billboard for Edinburgh‘ for the last 4 years and mine is the latest. It’s called “Know Yr Grammar” and was made with the help of Mehrangiz Modaress Tabatabaei. The gallery have also produced a limited edition print of the billboard which is available to buy. I think the ‘launch’ is around the same time as the new Ian Hamilton Finlay exhibition opens at the Ingelby, on the 2nd August.

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