Book Review – “The German Genius” Peter Watson

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Yes – take your time, but yes.


Some thoughts on Burns Night

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– Why isn’t Scottish poetry in general celebrated more on Burns night?

– Why does it not seem possible for someone to support independence, but not the SNP?

– I heard a woman on 5live today describe her thoughts on what the referendum question should be, she said it should be “Do you want to be seperate from England?” (She said this as if it would be a bad thing) – We’d still be attached wouldn’t we? Or is there a fault in the earth under Hadrian’s wall? And anyway, how arrogant to assume we would just be separating from England? What about the rest of the UK?

– I would like to hear why English people (and Welsh, and Northern Irish) would like to keep Scotland in the Union

– Who is this new Labour leader?

– Why is Fred Goodwin being threatened with losing his knighthood? Haven’t many people who have been ‘honoured’ made mistakes? Isn’t he being made a scape goat, or seeing as it’s David Cameron who is threatening him, isn’t he being made into a whipping boy? Did Sir Fred Goodwin cause all the economic problems the UK now faces? Is it because he was the head of a Scottish bank?

– I find Alex Salmond’s hamming up of Scottish celebrations and attaching them to the independence debate embarrassing (Burn’s Night announcement of, well, not very much today, the referendum during the Commonwealth games) I could not give a shit about Bannockburn in a contemporary context, it does not make me want to vote for independence. Scottish people and Scotland have done bad things as well as good, killed and been killed.

– Why is “the Union stronger together”? What does that mean? Is the former USSR stronger together? Probably, but do many people now in independent countries of the former USSR wish it was back together?

– Why is so much being placed on the economic debate? If we are so attached to our ‘identity’ why does economics matter? Is a person not still the same inside whether rich or poor? Isn’t that what we’re taught as children?

– Why would an independent Scotland retain the monarchy??? What?? I would have thought we would want to be a modern nation?

– Why should voters be given only one option on a vote? We aren’t given that when voting in the Scottish Parliament. Isn’t the idea of proportional representation to more accurately represent the views of more people? Wouldn’t two (or three) questions give a clearer answer? Why should politics be about all or nothing?Why would anyone turn down the opportunity to vote on whether or not their parliament has more powers?? It makes no sense, we may not get the opportunity to shape our parliament for another 30 years.

– People who do not live in Scotland should not be able to vote. I don’t care if you were born in Scotland or not, you aren’t engaged with political life, let alone paying council tax or furthering the cultural development directly. You may have a romantic connection to the country, or are living in England working, but if you aren’t eligible to vote in elections here, then it makes no sense to vote in a referendum – come to the next ‘Clan Gathering’ instead.

William de Morgan

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Sand Paintings

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839 trees in a pile and a sign from Oengus II

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Click here to see a larger image of the timbers


Assyrian Lion Hunt & More at the British Museum

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