The Numskulls

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The Numskulls is such a great concept for a comic strip. Initially found in the Beezer, then from 1993 in the Beano (with changed characters). I’m particularly fond of the original name for the person being controlled by the Numskulls, simply “Our Man”. I am sure the Numskulls influenced recent Dr. Who episodes. The big question is who controls the Numskulls?

The Stone Roses

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At first when I heard The Stone Roses were reforming, I was intrigued, but a little disappointed. It seemed a bit like 4 men reaching their 50’s looking to make some money quickly, from the gigs, and a renewed interest in their recordings. But hearing they were making new music was a relief. Now, I’ve just watched the press conference and have to say, I think it’s a good thing. Mainly for themselves, they seem relaxed and pleased to be in each others company (though John Squire says very little). There is some truth in what Ian Brown says about them being a great band that plays together, and not many bands do that now. I was also pleased to hear Brown having a go at the Daily Mail journalist, there is still a critical edge to Brown, and I think and hope that that can provide the band with a desire to be more than a tribute act.


New Work – “The ‘Arab Spring'” 2011

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Death of the Dinosaurs

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Book Review – “Q” by Luther Blissett

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You can download it for free, legally, from the authors’ (Luther Blissett/Wu Ming) website

Navajo Blankets 2

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Navajo Blankets 1

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Rory Stewart – Time to End the War in Afghanistan

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Laser Archaeology

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Here are some images from CyArk and The Scottish Ten – two interesting and related projects dedicated to documenting archaeology with lasers. The Scottish Ten is documenting 5 UNESCO sites in Scotland, and 5 other UNESCO sites throughout the world (however, I’m not sure Mount Rushmore is a UNESCO site…). There are more images on The Scottish Ten website. CyArk is aiming to be a library of all kinds of 21st century archaeology. They have lots of laser images, photos, videos etc, including this one of the Great Plaza at the Mayan city of Tikal


Italy – Diana Photos

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