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Two Paintings I Liked in Siena

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Here are two paintings I particularly enjoyed seeing in Siena. The first is “Nativity of the Virgin” by Pietro Lorenzetti from 1335 – 1342. Lorenzetti was apparently a rival to Giotto, who did the Scrovegni Chapel in Padova, one of my favourite things ever. The room we saw this in was full of Italian’s and the Italian tour guide went in a huff because she couldn’t get them to shut up while she spoke about the much more important work “Maesta” by Duccio. Anyway, Lorenzetti’s was of particular note because St. Anna (Virgin Mary’s mum) appears to be lying on what looks like a tartan rug. Obviously a lot of Christian art is less than historically accurate, but still, its nice to see a touch of tartan appearing in the mid 14th century in Italy. Apparently the oldest documented tartan in Scotland is from the 3rd century AD, which is ages ago. And Scotland didn’t even start it….thats by the by. There lies St.Anna on a tartan rug.

Secondly there is “St Bernardino Preaching in the Campo” by Sano di Pietro from 1445. This is particularly nice as the buildings in Siena’s campo are painted in a lovely salmon pink, which they no longer (were they ever?) are. Plus there is a confident oddness about the buildings which I like. Men and women are divided in their praying/listening by a wee red curtain.

Siena Biccherna

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Biccherna from Siena and its Archivo di Statomore here

Italy – Part 4

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Spoleto | Siena


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Italy – Part 3

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Italy – Part 2

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Italy – Part 1

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Parco di Mostri, Bomarzo | Giove | Santa Maria Assunto Lugnano


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