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July 8th, 2011 § 0 comments

Last night I went to a screening of video works by Diane Edwards at Superclub. The films are great VHS collage’s with symmetry, pattern and bold colours. One of the video’s is for an Australian band called “Pets with Pets“. The show has been extended to last over this weekend. Talking to Diane about copyright and youtube etc, she mentioned the Internet Archive, which is a library resource in America. There are some great films on there, though the website is pretty terrible. Anyway, here are Diane’s video’s and a couple of films from the archive, more to follow….

Diane Edwards – “Whale & Volcano” 2011 (Video for Pets With Pets)

“Claudius: Boy of Ancient Rome” – 1964

“Our Totem is the Raven” -1972

“Sorcerer’s Apprentice” – 1962

“Pottery Workers of Oaxaca” – 1952

“At Your Fingertips – Boxes” – 1970

“Solar System” – 1977

“Rhinoceros” Jan Lenica – 1965

“Iran” – 1971

“Picture In Your Mind” – 1948

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