Mosaic Music 5 (May 2011) – The Results

June 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

Three entries this month, as always, Son of Portslade is in early doors, with late entries from Harlem Coconut Syncopater and myself. No sign of Honeyfuzz, who were “all over this one”*…..

Anyway, here’s what was what before what became became:
*late entry from Honeyfuzz…..

Between 70 & 80 bpm | Between 4 & 5 minutes long | in the key of Eminor | 4 Instruments (1 x Percussion, 3 x non-instruments) | 2 vocals | lyrics from a newspaper | 5 genre influences (Easy listening, Glitch, Harmonica Blues, Bayou Funk and Afrobeat) | “REVERSE”

Son of Portslade – The Metro (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
Here’s what SoP has to say “no.5 is alive
this is inspired by bus journeys first thing in the morning when everyone is reading the metro. This piece is a cry for true pluralism in the face of an illusionary choice perpetuated by the advertising syndicates that control the metro and our early morning thoughts. Do you choose to sit on the metro or read it?”

Harlem Coconut Syncopater – Hard Graft (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
This is a heavy heavy bird-song sound from Luke Healey and Matt Slade aka HCS – “The three ‘non-instruments’ are a Baby Penguin, a Lyre-Bird and a Kakapo respectively. The beat is inspired by Fela Kuti’s ‘Swegbe and Pako’ and there’s a strong Glitch presence, as you’ll no doubt notice. The title is taken from my favourite sandwich-board headline of all time, although I can’t remember it exactly since it’s not online. It was a Lancashire Evening Post sandwich board, and it read “Day of hard graft for North End'”

Craig Coulthard – Weight Super Curly Fine (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
Well, I’m not really sure how this fits in, but the non instruments I used were a lamp, the top of my soundcard and hands. The words are about a font and a crime. Not strictly from a newspaper. I’m dissapointed with myself this month.

Honeyfuzz – Welfare (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music Lastly a late, but very welcome entry from Honeyfuzz. Casey was quoted thus: “Not entirely sure about the key but the percussion instrument is hammered dulcimer and the non instruments are a steel rule, my keys and a plastic wastepaper bin. The text is Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith banging on about welfare reform in the guardian. I was thinking about the bayou funk, afrobeat and glitch but I don’t know if any of it came across, it aint that easy listening and forget about the harmonica, incidentally I believe the reverse of whatever Iain Duncan Smith thinks”.

Here are some more relevant things followed by all the mosaic music songs so far…


FELA KUTI – “Swegbe & Pako”

Here’s a link to something from Dexter Sinister, my font inspiration.

Mosaic Music – Complete Collection by Mosaic Music

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