Mosaic Music 4 (May 2011) – The Results

June 1st, 2011 § 0 comments

Well well well, just the one entry this month, from me. I think Son o Portslade’s got a late entry coming, he better if he wants to continue his 100% contribution record….Anyway, don’t ask me how I got to this track via the parameters, I can’t remember. The lyrics and title are from online random title/lyric generators though. I can’t even think of any reference points to show you videos of. I truly have no idea what this is….but here are the parameters I was meant to try and work with:
1. Between 130 & 140 bpm
2. Between 3 & 4 mintues long
3. In the key of A major
4. Ten instruments to use (1 x guitar | 2 x piano | 2 x synth | 2 x brass | 3 x non-instruments)
5. More than four vocals
6. Lyrics from the internet
7. Three genres to think about (Honky Tonk, Minimal, Delta Blues)
8. One other instruction, “Take a break”

Craig Coulthard – Implied Skeletons Under the Table by Mosaic Music

And here’s a late entry from Son of Portslade, 100% record intact! “inspired by everything on the internet + a healthy dose of guy debord- envisioned through a pair of William Burroughs spectacles”
Son of Portslade – Oh Oh (Mosaic Music 4) by Mosaic Music

Here’s a mildy rude video of “The Gong Show” – referenced in my lyrics…


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