Mosaic Music 6 – July 2011 – The Draw

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Well here we are, the midway draw…all you guys who said you were going to join in, this is your last chance to be involved in the majority of the draws…..what are you going to be working with?
TEMPO – 100-110 bpm
LENGTH – Between 1 & 2 minutes
KEY – C sharp/D flat
INSTRUMENTS – Percussion & Woodwind (plus drums, bass, etc)
LYRICS – From a film
GENRES – Interview (!) | Surf | Breakcore
OTHER INSTRUCTIONS – 2: “Give the Game Away” & “Look at the order in which you do things”

Oh yeah, another month of funfilled juxtapositions and soundcrashes…’s some related fun, the Chantays dancing is quite astonishing – bands are afraid to dance with organisation nowadays…


THE CHANTAYS – “Pipeline”

KID 606 – “The Illness”

THE WINSTONS – “Amen, Brother” – The source of a lot of breakcore amongst other things….

Mosaic Music – Complete Collection by Mosaic Music

Mosaic Music 5 (May 2011) – The Results

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Three entries this month, as always, Son of Portslade is in early doors, with late entries from Harlem Coconut Syncopater and myself. No sign of Honeyfuzz, who were “all over this one”*…..

Anyway, here’s what was what before what became became:
*late entry from Honeyfuzz…..

Between 70 & 80 bpm | Between 4 & 5 minutes long | in the key of Eminor | 4 Instruments (1 x Percussion, 3 x non-instruments) | 2 vocals | lyrics from a newspaper | 5 genre influences (Easy listening, Glitch, Harmonica Blues, Bayou Funk and Afrobeat) | “REVERSE”

Son of Portslade – The Metro (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
Here’s what SoP has to say “no.5 is alive
this is inspired by bus journeys first thing in the morning when everyone is reading the metro. This piece is a cry for true pluralism in the face of an illusionary choice perpetuated by the advertising syndicates that control the metro and our early morning thoughts. Do you choose to sit on the metro or read it?”

Harlem Coconut Syncopater – Hard Graft (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
This is a heavy heavy bird-song sound from Luke Healey and Matt Slade aka HCS – “The three ‘non-instruments’ are a Baby Penguin, a Lyre-Bird and a Kakapo respectively. The beat is inspired by Fela Kuti’s ‘Swegbe and Pako’ and there’s a strong Glitch presence, as you’ll no doubt notice. The title is taken from my favourite sandwich-board headline of all time, although I can’t remember it exactly since it’s not online. It was a Lancashire Evening Post sandwich board, and it read “Day of hard graft for North End'”

Craig Coulthard – Weight Super Curly Fine (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music
Well, I’m not really sure how this fits in, but the non instruments I used were a lamp, the top of my soundcard and hands. The words are about a font and a crime. Not strictly from a newspaper. I’m dissapointed with myself this month.

Honeyfuzz – Welfare (Mosaic Music 5) by Mosaic Music Lastly a late, but very welcome entry from Honeyfuzz. Casey was quoted thus: “Not entirely sure about the key but the percussion instrument is hammered dulcimer and the non instruments are a steel rule, my keys and a plastic wastepaper bin. The text is Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith banging on about welfare reform in the guardian. I was thinking about the bayou funk, afrobeat and glitch but I don’t know if any of it came across, it aint that easy listening and forget about the harmonica, incidentally I believe the reverse of whatever Iain Duncan Smith thinks”.

Here are some more relevant things followed by all the mosaic music songs so far…


FELA KUTI – “Swegbe & Pako”

Here’s a link to something from Dexter Sinister, my font inspiration.

Mosaic Music – Complete Collection by Mosaic Music

Kaimes School Singalong

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My good friend and bandmate/brother in law, Olly (Son of Portslade) has been making some music with the schoolchildren at Kaimes School, Edinburgh. The songs have been written by the pupils and Olly, and I must say, are genuinely brilliant. You can listen and download all 6 songs from the schools website and this is my favourite, “Class Oak” written by Callum, Dylan, Daniel, Noah, Josh and Timmy, and performed by Timmy, Dylan, Josh and Noah (and Olly…) the link will open in a new window….

Class Oak

Needlepoint Cushions

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New Video – “Funding Cuts”

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Here is a short film I made today.

“FUNDING CUTS” – Craig Coulthard 2011

The Singing Street

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I just returned from watching some Scottish Screen Archive films at the Filmhouse as part of the Edinburgh Film Festival – it was great. The first film was called “The Singing Street” and was made by a group of Edinburgh school teachers calling themselves the “Norton Park Group”. It shows school children singing songs and playing games, some incredible skipping, all round Edinburgh. Its fantastic, and you can watch it all here. The timing and rhythm of the skipping in particular is well worth a watch, as is the single “boys” song, and their subsequent sweeping off the step by a girl. In the audience were some women who featured in the original film, as well as relatives of the film makers. And an angry woman who said she couldn’t hear anything. And lots of people saying “ooh, look, its Easter Road” etc…. A longing for the past can be a dangerous film, but what this film shows is that kids have always had a sense of humour, and the creativity to develop their own art forms. I wonder what the current equivalent is, if there are any school teachers who can tell me, I’d like to know.

The group made other films as well, which are listed in the Archive, I guess they can be accessed through them somehow. I’ve also seen the book called “The Singing Street” compiled by one of the film making team, and the above image is the front cover.

Roderick Buchanan – From USA ’94 to London 2012

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Roddy Buchanan gives a talk about his work in relation to sport at Glasgow School of Art in March 2011.

Forest Pitch – Update

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Here is a new video and some photos documenting the Forest Pitch progress so far…


Mosaic Music 5 – June 2011 – The Draw

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Welcome to Mosaic Music part 5, June 2011. I was thinking when doing the draw for this one that things are bound to get a bit samey after a while, but when I came to picking the instruments and genres for this, I realised its going to take a long time before things start repeating…here is the draw:

TEMPO – 70 – 80 bpm

LENGTH – Between 4 & 5 minutes

KEY – E Minor


INSTRUMENTS – 1 x Percussion | 3 x Non Instruments…..

NUMBER OF VOCALS – 2 (if desired)

LYRICS – From a newspaper


GENRES – Easy Listening | Glitch | Harmonica Blues | Bayou Funk | Afrobeat

OTHER INSTRUCTIONS – Just one; “Reverse”

Good luck getting a song in the key of E minor with 1 percussion and 3 non-instruments….

Here’s some examples of the genres

CHET ATKINS – “Yakety Axe”

OVAL – “Ah!” (2010)

TAJ MAHAL – “Leaving Trunk” (1968)


DR.JOHN – “Zu Zu Mamou”

EARLY FELA KUTI (shot by Ginger Baker in 1971 apparently…)

Mosaic Music 4 (May 2011) – The Results

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Well well well, just the one entry this month, from me. I think Son o Portslade’s got a late entry coming, he better if he wants to continue his 100% contribution record….Anyway, don’t ask me how I got to this track via the parameters, I can’t remember. The lyrics and title are from online random title/lyric generators though. I can’t even think of any reference points to show you videos of. I truly have no idea what this is….but here are the parameters I was meant to try and work with:
1. Between 130 & 140 bpm
2. Between 3 & 4 mintues long
3. In the key of A major
4. Ten instruments to use (1 x guitar | 2 x piano | 2 x synth | 2 x brass | 3 x non-instruments)
5. More than four vocals
6. Lyrics from the internet
7. Three genres to think about (Honky Tonk, Minimal, Delta Blues)
8. One other instruction, “Take a break”

Craig Coulthard – Implied Skeletons Under the Table by Mosaic Music

And here’s a late entry from Son of Portslade, 100% record intact! “inspired by everything on the internet + a healthy dose of guy debord- envisioned through a pair of William Burroughs spectacles”
Son of Portslade – Oh Oh (Mosaic Music 4) by Mosaic Music

Here’s a mildy rude video of “The Gong Show” – referenced in my lyrics…

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