Football Pitches From the Sky

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Here are some football pitches from the sky, all of which I have played on reasonably regularly – the list could only get bigger, so I’ve stopped at 12.

Randan Discotheque – “The Duke & His Orderly” new video

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I have the pleasure of sharing with you our new video for “The Duke & His Orderly“, directed and acted by Hugo de Verteuil, and I must say I am dumbfounded by its brilliance. Hugo told me he was making a video, but I asked not to see any of it until it was finished, and here it is……spectacular

RANDAN DISCOTHEQUE – “The Duke & His Orderly” – Directed by Hugo de Verteuil

Youtube Vaults – Something Scottish

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So, the SNP raced to an historic victory yesterday. I am aware of friends who welcomed this news with varying levels of excitement, disbelief, fear and contempt. Personally I think the SNP have been rewarded/recognised by the Scottish public for actually doing some things that they said they would (in comparison to other parties). Not everyone who has voted for them wants independence, but I think the opportunity to have a referendum on it is more than justified. The party that has won an overall majority is given the mandate to attempt to put its policies into effect – that means an independence referendum as much as it means freezing council tax. It’s also the parties prerogative to decide when they think that referendum should take place, and logically, they are going to try to convince as many people as possible of its merits before they decide on a date – they have, in their own (political) way, earned the right to make that decision.

They have actually been an effective political force, albeit in a coalition government, with what seems to me to be an unusually high level of trustworthiness. They are (inevitably) interested in Scottish issues, which the Labour party seem to have ignored. I admit that I am intrigued as to how the SNP are going to reliably raise long-term funds for things like freezing council tax, free prescriptions, not raising tuition fees etc etc – in the past this could have been raised by north sea oil in an independent Scotland (it really could have! look here!) now though, the oil companies are being scared away by the tories, and there can’t be much left anyway.

Maybe renewable energy is (and should be) our future revenue stream, we would finally be able to thank our weather for something. Another thing, a lot of people are worried (rightly I guess) about the financial viability of an independent Scotland. Personally, I’m not fussed, money isn’t everything – no-one would tell a poor country that it doesn’t have a right to sovereignty because it is poor. Besides, I have enough confidence in Scottish people’s intelligence and creativity, not to mention work ethic and sense of fairness that I am sure we could take care of ourselves.

And so, on the subject of final acceptance, my own feeling is that if we can have a referendum, if the SNP can convince people of its plausibility, if we choose (and it is a matter of choice) to become independent, then finally, finally, Scotland and Scots will be able to take responsibility for themselves, for their own actions, for their own success’ and failures, their own shortcomings, their level of self-esteem, and there will be nobody and nothing else to pass blame onto or to feel “inferior” to. I believe that is the only way for Scotland to grow up and improve, to be able to look at itself and take complete responsibility for itself. So, here are some Scottish video’s of music I love, not to celebrate, but to reflect upon the possible future/s for Scotland.

ps, I met Alex Salmond in 1999 in Slateford when I was in 1st year, it was the lead up to the 1st Scottish Parliament elections. I shook his hand, which was short, fat and stubby, a bit like Eduardo Paolozzi’s, and he had the air of a mafia boss or something, with gold rings on his fingers. I asked him if he would introduce tuition fee’s if the SNP were in power, and he said “No.”

 MICHAEL MARRA – “General Grants Visit to Dundee”

THE CORRIES – “Kismuil’s Galley”

JESSE RAE – “Over the Sea”

INCREDIBLE STRING BAND – “The Half Remarkable Question”

THE BETA BAND – “Assessment”



THE PHANTOM BAND – “Everybody Knows It’s True”

COCTEAU TWINS – “Carolyn’s Fingers”

GERRY RAFFERTY (rip) – “Right Down the Line”

THE REZILLOS – “Top of the Pops”

SCHOONER FARE – “Twa Recruiting Sargents”


Filignano Photos (A year late)

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Here are some photos I had forgotten that I’d taken last August in Filignano, Italy.


Mosaic Music 4 – May 2011 – The Draw

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And here we are, once more we stand on the verge of a new month, what will it bring? Well one thing is certain, it brings a new Mosaic Music Draw….what unexpected genre collisions have we in store this time?

Well, I tell you, its a bonanza this month – once again, I haven’t had time to make a video, but I assure you of the genuine randomness of these juxtapositions……good luck to all

TEMPO – 130 – 140 BPM

LENGTH – Between 3 – 4 minutes

KEY – A major


INSTRUMENTS – 1 x guitar | 2 x piano | 2 x synth | 2 x brass | 3 x non-instruments!

NUMBER OF VOCALS – More than 4

LYRICS (if desired) – From the internet


GENRES – Honky Tonk | Minimal | Delta Blues


INSTRUCTIONS – “Take a break”

I think this month has great potential…..





Mosaic Music 3 (April 2011) – The Results

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Ah, this is more like it, a whopping 4 entries to April’s Mosaic Music, and what a treat they are. Owen Catgibbon – Harvey ain’t no blood, sucker by Mosaic Music
Harlem Coconut Syncopater – Dzing by Mosaic Music
Craig Coulthard – Champagne For the Horses by Mosaic Music
Son of Portslade – Thankyou Mr and Mrs Boyle by Mosaic Music

The parameters for April were:

1. Between 70 & 80 BPM
2. Between 4 & 5 minutes long
3. Key of C Minor
4. 2 x instruments – 1 brass, 1 strings
5.  Genre Influences (5): Doom Metal | Schlager | Art Rock | Gypsy Jazz | Reggae
6. 2 Vocals (if desired)
7. Lyrics from a Film
8. Other instructions: “Intentions – credibility of/nobility of/humility of” & “Emphasise repititions”

1. OWEN CATGIBBON – “Harvey Ain’t No Blood, Sucker” – Firstly, a track which arrived within 4 days of the draw being made for April, by my favourite drummer, Owen Catgibbon. Inspired by the film “Bad Lieutenant” with Harvey Keitel, and a crack whore character in the film, Catgibbon had this to say: “The intro section has a Gypsy Jazz feel on the guitar (this is also a reference to Art Rock noodling) with a doom sludge string section, then the doom horns come in with a dub reverb. The German vocal and the crooner vocal refers to schlager music. The throat singing is reference to doom metal. (See the band “Stoner Witch“) Some of the precussion is associated with reggae and art rock and doom.The “Hear me now” vocal is a reference to reggae. The percussion and vocals “emphasise repetitions””

2. HARLEM COCONUT SYNCOPATER – “Dzing” – A debut entry from Harlem Coconut Syncopater from the exotic lands of Preston. H.C.S. consists of Luke Alexander Peter Healey, Matt Slade and Matt Wilby. The name apparently comes from the comic “Quick et Flupke” by Herge, though I don’t know what film the sample comes from. A detect a wee bit of a Neil Landstrumm thing in there perhaps.

3. CRAIG COULTHARD – “Champagne For the Horses” – The lyrics to this come from Fitzcarraldo, and I stole a wee bit from “Look A Boom” by I-Roy

4. SON OF PORTSLADE – “Thankyou Mr & Mrs Boyle” – Olly has been inspired by the Boyle Family, specifically their work “Barra Project – World Series 1992 – 2010” which was on exhibition at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art until the end of February this year.

Thanks once more to those who took part, hopefully we’ll have a record number of entries next month. Here’s some further studies for you:

BAD LIEUTENANT (1992) Directed by Abel Ferrera

QUICK et FLUPKE by Herge

FITZCARRALDO (1982) Directed by Werner Herzog

“LOOK A BOOM” – I-Roy (1972)


David Goldblatt

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Here is some work by David Goldblatt, South African photographer, still alive, well known for photos during apartheid.

Cars 2 – Fiat Ritmo/Strada

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Here is the rather unremarkable Fiat Ritmo (Strada in the UK), except I recall being particularly impressed by the wheels on this car and the circular door handles. Silver please.

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