Cars 1 – Skoda 120

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As I am taking driving lessons, and potentially am soon to enter the world of actually being actively involved in cars, here I present my (non-driving) life in cars so far. Cars I’ve sat in for a long time, cars I always wanted, cars I admire. First up, the much reviled Skoda 120 (preferably Estelle model in orange)

Skye Photo’s

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More old photos, this time from Skye and taken on the cheapy Diana camera.

Merry England

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Here are some photographs I took in England last Easter that I forgot about…..


My New Shirt

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Today I became the proud owner of what I believe to be the best shirt in northern Europe. I got the fabric from an african textiles shop in Dusseldorf nearly 3 years ago and finally got around to taking it to a tailors. So, from Dutch Wax for West Africa via West Germany to a little old Italian man in Tollcross finally for a German born Scotsman to wear. Grazie Claudia Santacroce…..

The discs say “Centenaire D’Amou-Oblo 1907-2007” Amou Oblo is a small town of 5000 people in Togo, but I can’t be sure if it commemorates that town or not. Amou Oblo does have a cocoa co-operative, which would explain the cocoa bean design. I think more towns in Scotland should have their own fabrics.

On the back, thanks to the excellent tailoring, you can see the disc again, and also the open bible which says “Que ce livre… Josue 1:8” (This book…Joshua 1:8) and that verse in Joshua is

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

Book and Beans

Again, the excellence of the tailoring is evident, in the detail of the pages of the open book set centrally in the collar of the shirt and mimicking the shape of the shoulders.

Youtube vaults – Military videos

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Here is a variety of youtube clips of military stuff….

PROJECT CROSSROADS (Nuclear Tests at Bikini Atoll 1946)


THE HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE (1954) – Basically a film about how a clean house could help protect you from nuclear war….


LETS FACE IT (1954?)



THE MAKING OF YUCCA MOUNTAIN – A recently abandoned project for nuclear waste in the USA


KINETIC ENERGY WEAPONS (Commerical video?)


USAAF AIRBORNE LASERS (2008?) – Look for the footage around the 1.00min mark


TSAR BOMB (1961) – Biggest bomb so far….

Sergei Parajanov

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Sergei Parajanov was an Armenian film director who made some incredible films. He died in 1990. I went to see “The Colour of Pomegranates” recently, which was my introduction to him. If you are a fan of Pier Paolo Pasolini or Tarkovsky, or just really beautiful film in general, you will enjoy his films. They are studies in measured beauty, absolutely brilliant and my new favourite thing. Here is a small clip from The Colour of Pomegranates (you can now, wonderfully, watch the whole thing on youtube here), but there are other great ones out there that are cheap to buy on dvd, and you should. There is also a documentary on youtube (see below) and a documentary from 1992 called “Parajanov: The Last Spring” but I can’t seem to find that anywhere. Here is a website dedicated to the man and his work

“THE COLOUR OF POMEGRANATES” – Sergei Parajanov (1968)

“SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS” – Sergei Parajanov (1964)

“THE LEGEND OF THE SURAM FORTRESS” -Sergei Parajanov (1984)

“HAKOP HOVNATANIAN” – Sergei Parajanov (1967 Documentary)

“ASHIK KERIB” – Sergei Parajanov (1988)


National Museum of Scotland April 2011

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Some photos from a visit to the National Museum including relics of St Fillan…..


Mosaic Music 3 – April 2011 – The Draw

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I haven’t had time to put a video together this month, but I promise it’ll be back next month, and also that this draw was genuine….

So, here are the parameters for April:

TEMPO – 70 – 80 bpm

LENGTH – Between 4 and 5 minutes

KEY – C Minor


INSTRUMENTS – 1 x Brass & 1 x Strings

NUMBERS OF VOCALS (if desired) – 2

LYRICAL CONTENT (if desired) – From a film


GENRES – Doom Metal | Schlager (??) | Art Rock | Gypsy Jazz (Yes!) |Reggae


OTHER INSTRUCTIONS – “Intentions – credibility of/nobility of/humility of” & “Emphasise repititions”

So there you go, please take part, I promise I will this month.
Anyone wondering what “schlager” is, it seems to just mean “hit” music, a kind of northern european pop music, soft, harmless, brass heavy, sing alongs….kind of like this:

CHRIS ROBERTS – “Du kannst nicht immer 17 sein” ( You cannot always be 17)

As for Doom Metal, here’s Gallhammer, an all female japanese doom metal band – its not bad actually…

GALLHAMMER – “World to be Ashes”

Gypsy Jazz couldn’t really be anything other than Django Reinhardt and the hot club quintet….

DJANGO REINHARDT – “J’attendrai Swing”

Art Rock? well here’s a brilliant Talking Heads video

TALKING HEADS – “(Nothing but) Flowers”

Lastly, a very odd little clip of The Congo’s in a film called Jamdown from 1980 – there’s a great little bit of acoustic “Fisherman” on a beach……


Mosaic Music 2 (March 2011) – Results

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Well, I feared the initial enthusiasm might waver – only two entries this month (I didn’t get round to doing it myself, maybe this weekend) – anyway, 2 excellent entries, firstly from Rob St John, and secondly, the ever-prolific, Son of Portslade. Thankyou gentlemen – April’s video and instructions to come soon…. Rob St John – Creators & Imitators by Mosaic Music
Son of Portslade – Iron Eagle ii by Mosaic Music
and here’s a wee bonus of Iron Eagle 2…

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