Harun Farocki – Comparison via a Third – CCA Glasgow

February 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

Ok, this is not a review. I have a few posts I want to write about artists films, and while I was thinking about this, I happened to be in Glasgow all day yesterday and saw this show at the CCA. I thought I had never heard of Harun Farocki, but I had read about him and seen a couple of his films before. There are three main films showing, all of them are great, particularly “Immersion” (2009) which documents a rather frightening form of psychological therapy for American soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress. If you get the opportunity, please go see this show, its on until the 3rd of March. As usual, it’s quite difficult to see any of his films online (even on his own website) and there are few of any real quality on youtube etc, anyway in the meantime, here are a couple. The second in particular is of relevance at the moment, as it reflects on television/camera coverage of the revolution in Romania as it happened after the fall of Caucescu – it is an incredible film.

HARUN FAROCKI – “Inextinguishable Fire” (1969) – apparently Farocki’s first film

HARUN FAROCKI – “Videogramme einer Revolution” (1992) (part 1 of 8, all on youtube)

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