Jonathan Meades – Off Kilter Episode 1

January 30th, 2011 § 0 comments

Until early last year, I didn’t really know anything about Jonathan Meades. I kind of recognised him in his dark sunglasses from documentaries in the mid 90’s that I didn’t pay attention to. I came back from a run to see him talking about Aberdeen’s architecture in a humourous, erudite, smug, self-aware wordy manner. I watched the programme and loved it – the series was “Off Kilter” and was about (sort of) Scottish architecture. But Meades is much more than an architecture critic, he was also, at one point, a food critic. But that doesn’t really do him justice either. The way he weaves in personal memories, art, language, music, film, Donald Trump, meat and general disdain of mainstream thought and attitudes is unlike anyone else you see on TV.

I went and bought a collection of his programmes on BBC DVD, which is brilliant, though is far from comprehensive, and doesn’t include “Off Kilter”. There is a lot of his work on Youtube, including great documentaries about Communist art and Nazi art (“Nazi’s were hippies”).

Anyway, I wanted to watch Off Kilter again, so here it is, at least episode 1 (in 6 parts) to start with.


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